04 April 2020
Final scientific and educational conference of students of KFU: Department of Romance and Germanic Philology of Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication

On April 3, 2020, the Final scientific and educational conference of students of KFU was held. The Department of Romance and Germanic Philology of the Higher School of Russian and Foreign Philology observed three sections within the proceedings of the conference.

In the section “Modern English Lexicology and Phraseology” (Prof. Elena Arsenteva, assistant prof. Regina Plankina) eight reports were devoted to the peculiarities of the use of the phraseological units in various contexts and discourses as well as the methods of translation of phraseological units from English to Russian. Separate reports focused on lexical particularities of the websites of the English-language newspapers and magazines. Some works touched upon lexical features in the British and American communication on the material of such genre as a blog.

In the section “Current Issues of Linguistics” (associate prof. Oksana Amurskaya, assistant Liliya Sirazova) eleven students presented their works. The subject matter of the reports was relevant and meaningful. The students made reports and presentations, paying special attention to the current issues of modern linguistics, such as the comparative studies of collocations, the linguistic aspects of discourse in different genres, stylistic and syntactic features of the texts, computer-mediated discourse and virtual identities in the context of the social networks, the problems of bilingualism and multimodal texts.

The section “Current Studies in Spanish Linguistics” (associate prof. Elena Pleukhova, assistant Alena Mamaeva) dealt with the actual problems of the Spanish language. Twelve works on the Spanish language were presented, in which the students covered various aspects of the advertising discourse, the problems of phraseology, the strategies and methods of translation of lexical units, lexical and grammatical transformations in the process of translation.


First degree diplomas were awarded to:

  1. Sadykova Z. I.
  2. Zakirova E. R.
  3. Kornilova D. D.


Source of information: assistant Liliya SirazovaDepartment of Romance and Germanic Philology