12 April 2020
Open Day was held at the Yelabuga Institute of KFU

In the context of preventing the spread of coronavirus, the event was held online

Today, applicants from various regions of Tatarstan, nearby regions and cities got the opportunity to visit one of the oldest educational institutions of the Volga region without leaving home. Representatives of the university admissions committee, deans of faculties and students of the institute met live with future applicants.

“The Elabuga Institute became part of the Kazan Federal University in 2011. Therefore, you have a wonderful opportunity in our institute to get a university education in the capital, a diploma of a graduate of KFU! When choosing a university, be sure to pay attention to its successes in education and science. I am glad to inform you that Kazan Federal University is represented in many international subject ratings today and, by the end of 2019, it has taken 94th position in the top 100 best universities in the world, becoming the first among Russian universities in the field of "Education". I am convinced that high-quality education is necessary and important to receive at a classical federal university, ”said Elena Merzon, director of the Elabuga Institute of KFU, in her video address to future applicants.

Features and the most relevant moments of the upcoming admission campaign were presented to the audience by the executive secretary of the Admissions Committee of the Institute Alesya Oshkina. She introduced applicants to educational programs that will be implemented using distance technology. In the plan of admission 2020, two such programs are announced: in the profile “Psychological and Pedagogical Education” - specialty “Psychology of Education”, in the profile “Economics” - specialty “Economics and Finance of Organizations”. “Education in the framework of educational programs with the use of DOT is designed for successful, purposeful young people with an active lifestyle, because the main advantage of this format of education is to save the most precious resource - time! Everyone has the right to choose how to manage his time! Every free minute can now be exchanged for knowledge, ”Alesya Gennadyevna emphasized. In addition, among the advantages of education in this format, we can highlight: saving time and money; convenient remote sessions; the availability of educational content “in a convenient place, at a convenient time”; individual pace of learning.

It is worth noting that today the Yelabuga Institute prepares specialists in 43 areas of undergraduate studies, there are 8 master's programs and 10 graduate programs. This year, the university allocated 522 budget places for undergraduate studies (188 places - full-time studies; 334 places - distance learning) and 28 places for master's degrees. As for the contracted places, there are 587 at the baccalaureate this year (359 full-time studies; 228-distance learning), and 150 at the magistracy.

“It turned out a very interesting format of interaction between us, future applicants, and representatives of the institute. I was able to gather fresh and necessary information about admission, without leaving my home, sitting at my computer. Indeed, new technologies are our future. By all means, as the opportunity arises to come to the institute, I will definitely do it. I’m interested in everything related to psychology, so I’d be happy to get to know the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy in more detail, ”said Anna Kuznetsova, a student at Bolsheysheinsky High School.

By the way, all information about the conditions for admission to training, about the competition, deadlines and the necessary documents can be found on the official website of the Elabuga Institute of KFU in the "Applicant" section, on official accounts (instagram, vkontakte), call the phone number: +7 (85557 ) 7-55-62, +7 (85557) 7-54-66 or write a letter to the address: priem_el@kpfu.ru.

At the time of the end of the live broadcast, more than 13 thousand views were recorded. Answers to all questions received during his work and secured during registration on the Google questionnaire will be sent to applicants in the near future.

Live video recordings can be viewed on our page on VKontakte https://vk.com/ei_kfu