04 April 2020
Students help senior employees and retirees of Kazan University during self-isolation

Over 4,500 consultations have already been provided.

The Aid to Senior Citizens and Retirees Task Force is a joint effort by several institutes and the KFU Volunteer Center. As Task Force coordinator, Associate Professor Pavel Rezvyakov notes, the students help those senior employees and retirees of Kazan Federal University with their possible social and medical needs.

Students give phone advice about necessary phone numbers, urge people to not self-medicate, clarify the methods of cleaning and hygiene precautions during the epidemic, and pay visits if necessary.

“Starting from 30th March, we’ve already made 4,500 consultations,” comments student Oleg Belyayev. “We phone people of the 60+ age group and inform about prevention measures against COVID-19, ask them about their current health status and whether they need medical help. Currently there are 23 volunteers, 22 of whom are students of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology.”


Source text: Rufina Gimaletdinova

Photos: Oleg Belyayev

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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