04 March 2020
KFU scientists have developed a new biodegradable inhibitor of complex action to solve problems in the Arctic fields.

A new generation of reagents will ensure efficient production and transportation of hydrocarbons in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, as well as reduce environmental risks.
The production of unique inhibitors is an interdisciplinary project, which was attended by scientists from several departments of KFU - Chemical Institute. A.M. Butlerova, Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Technologies, Institute of Physics. The results of joint work will allow you to take a really serious step towards the development of Arctic resources.
In support of the project for the development and research of a new generation of inhibitors, Ekoneft scientists received a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in the direction “Fundamentals of the Study and Development of Mineral and Renewable Resources of the Russian Arctic” (“Arctic Resources”). Note that 110 research groups from all over the country applied for a grant. Of these, only 32 applications were selected, including the application of representatives of KFU.

Source of information: Institute of physics