02 March 2020
A psychologist from KFU about fairy tale therapy

Elmira Murtazina, an associate professor from the Educational Psychology Department, shared how fairy tale therapy works. According to her, this is the directions of practical psychology and this therapy aims to resolve people’s psychological problems. Main psychological issues (inner conflicts) are reflected in fairy tales. Fairy tales help to reveal emotions and aspirations, hidden in the unconscious, reconsider life experience and find a solution.

The expert also suggested that the fairy tale therapy is a more delicate way to work with fears and modify client’s experiences, than other psychological methods. Furthermore, the fairy tale therapy is especially useful when child or adult find themselves in a difficult situation and cannot see a way out of it.

There are several ways to use this therapy: read, discuss and play out some fairy tales, buy a special volume of fairy tales developed by psychologists, or design your own fairy tale.