01 March 2020
Language in the Mathematics Classroom, Montpellier University

Professor Salekhova Leila participated in the Seventh ERME Topic Conference on Language in the Mathematics Classroom at Montpellier University.

ERME Topic Conferences are conferences organised on a specific research theme or themes related to the work of ERME as presented in associated working groups at CERME (Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education).

The idea of ERME Topic Conferences takes us right back to the stage at which the founders of ERME conceptualised the association and declared the goals for it, increasing the opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and communication among European and extra-European researchers in mathematics education. They are led by ERME members who have been working group leaders and have research credentials in the thematic areas proposed. They build explicitly on European research in mathematics education and attract participation from researchers from Europe or beyond. ETCs build on European research while valuing wider perspectives. They have an interdisciplinary or multifaceted nature, bringing together participants that usually attend different Thematic Working Groups in CERME.

The seventh ERME Topic Conference on Language in Mathematics Classrooms is the third in a row of Language conferences. It was held on February 18-21, 2020 in Montpellier (France) and treated research and design concerning (1) language in multilingual mathematical contexts, (2) language for meaning-making and (3) language in Interaction.

Professor Salekhova Leila of the Department of bilingual and digital education of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication made a presentation at the section "Language in multilingual mathematical contexts" on the topic "Language factor in teaching and learning mathematics: the main qualities of mathematical communication in L1 and L2". She spoke about the project of training bilingual teachers of mathematics and computer science in the framework of the Project "Bilingual Teacher", which is being implemented since 2018 at Kazan Federal University. Her report aroused great interest, as she proposed the principles of developing mathematical text problems that contribute to the development of the communicative qualities of mathematical speech in two languages - Russian and Tatar.

Salekhova L.L.