30 November 2019
A professor of the Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems took part at the international workshop of Huawei 2019 in Kaliningrad

From November 28th to 30th, the International workshop of Huawei "Augmented reality, SLAM, 3D Sensing" was held in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation. A Head of the Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems (LIRS) of the Higher Institute of Information technologies and intelligent systems (ITIS) professor Evgeni Magid was invited to the workshop as an invited speaker. He gave a talk on the topic:

“SLAM algorithms applications at Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems (LIRS, KFU)”.

On behalf of the University an associate professor Peter Kokonin and a junior scientific researcher of the Laboratory of augmented virtual reality Vitaly Abramov also participated in the event. Alexey Petrovsky, a representative of the company, a Director of the multimedia algorithms laboratory at the Huawei research center in Russia, delivered welcoming remarks. During the conference invited speakers presented 11 reports.

According to the results of Huawei team assessment, professor Magid's report earned the Best Presentation Award. The award was also received by professor of the Weierstrass Institute (Germany) Klaus Gertner with a report on the topic "Connection between variational tasks and linear systems" and an associate professor of Tula State University Andrey Kopylov with the report on the topic "Depth map resolution upscaling based on sparse data from the depth sensor".

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, founded in 1987 by former people's liberation army engineer Ren Zhengfei. Russian Federation is one of the key countries for Huawei. In 1997, Russia became the first foreign market for Huawei. Today the company's regional offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, and also in other countries. There are research and training centers, as well as a technical support center and a network management center.

Evgeni Magid about the workshop: «The workshop is a great opportunity not only to learn more about Huawei's research areas that are directly related to the research of LIRS, but also to meet many interesting and talented people from leading Russian universities. A two-day “behind-the-scenes” conversation with Huawei representatives confirmed that our LIRS laboratory is a great forge of personnel for leading international IT giants: we give students not only technical knowledge, but also teach them initiative and discipline, teach them the basics of the art of communication, the ability to adequately assess the results of their work and ethical behavior adopted by the international scientific community, demand responsibility and discipline from students, make them learn English and constantly improve their skills. Huawei makes almost all the same demands on its employees. Therefore, such workshops are an excellent opportunity for universities to demonstrate to potential employers the business qualities of their future graduates, and for large companies to identify the most promising teams and laboratories in terms of joint science intensive projects».

Source of information: Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems