09 January 2020
19th article in 2019

Article: Cytocompatibility and cellular uptake of alkylsilane-modified hydrophobic halloysite nanotubes

Journal: Applied Clay Science, 26 November 2019, 105371

Authors: Elvira Rozhina, Abhishek Panchal, Farida Akhatova, Yuri Lvov, Rawil Fakhrullin

The widespread use of surface-modified halloysite nanotubes in industry and biomedicine increase the importance of studies on their biocompatibility. The authors of the article developed a method for modifying the outer surface of halloysite nanotubes and studied the cytocompatibility of the obtained hydrophobic nanomaterials. Octadecyltrimethoxysilane (ODTMS) was used for coating. The interaction of ODTMS-modified halloysite nanotubes with the A549 human lung carcinoma alveolar epithelial cell was investigated using dark field and atomic force microscopy, colorimetric viability tests and flow cytometry. Modification with organosilane did not have an apoptosis-inducing effect on human cells, did not increase the activity of NO synthase and can be used for intracellular delivery of drugs, proteins and DNA without any toxic side effects.