25 December 2019
Scientists at the Elabuga Institute of KFU are developing a system for monitoring and increasing the motivation of foreign students

In the context of globalization, one of the main tasks of a modern university is to create a quality system for training foreign graduates.

For several years the problems of the heterogeneity of the modern world and the rapidity of the innovative educational process have been the focus of rating conferences and forums on Education. For the Elabuga Institute of KFU, the number of foreign students of which over the past three years has already exceeded 1000 people, it is strategically important to ensure the development of the potential of future specialists for creative and creative activity, as an indispensable condition for successful integration into the world community.

Since the formation of soft competences of the person of the future is of great importance for the competitiveness of the educational system of the university and the country, in general, the goal of new pedagogical research is to teach the future specialist how to independently interact with the innovative and developing world of professional work. The task of increasing student motivation in this context plays a decisive role. To solve it scientists at the Elabuga Institute began to develop their own system for assessing the motivation of foreign students and effective ways to increase it.

At the moment the Yelabuga Institute of KFU has vast experience in adapting foreign students to study at the university through various educational technologies, including information. However, linguistic and sociocultural adaptation often represent a demotivating factor for enhancing the educational and cognitive activities of foreign students. Therefore, experts from the faculty of foreign languages ​​will directly participate in the development of a monitoring system and increase motivation. The interdisciplinary nature of the study brought together a whole group of university specialists in psychology, pedagogy, methodology and linguistics. Such a collaboration will create a unique system for assessing motivation with the further development of recommendations for working with foreign students. It is planned that all foreign students of the Elabuga Institute will participate in the study.

Analysis and systematization of the results will allow to identify problem areas in the formation of motivation of foreign students, especially in senior courses and to determine areas for further development of the methodology. The results of the first pilot studies presented by scientists of the Elabuga Institute at the conference of the European Educational Association EERA in Hamburg in September of this year confirmed the relevance of this study to improve the training of future graduates of KFU.

The development project of the new methodology is designed for 2 years, the effectiveness of this development can be verified by the end of 2020.

Source of information: Julia Kazakova, Associate Professor, Department of English Philology and Intercultural Communication, Elabuga Institute of KFU