12 December 2019
EMINENT Conference on Digital Technologies in Education Held in Warsaw

Warsaw hosted the 'EMINENT' Conference on Digital Technology in Education, the EMINENT Conference, Digital Technology in Education
Held in Warsaw, the EMINENT conference was dedicated to digital technologies in education. Two days of the conference took place in an active mode: at plenary sessions it was supposed not only to study theoretical material and keynote speakers, but also to apply practical skills in group work with facilitators.

The conference was attended by prominent scientists and modern figures in the field of education, such as educational strategist - Ron Canyuel (Canada, Toronto), Patricia Washtau - University of Belgium and many others. A total of 32 countries attended the conference. During the conference, the following topics were discussed: modern systems of teaching children, pupils and students, professional development as an element of higher education, continuity in the work of the educational system and family, as well as additional education.