11 December 2019
Vice President RAO Nikolai Malofeev is sure that a speech therapist is the profession of the future


Vice President of RAO, Chairman of the Expert Council for Corrective Inclusive Education under the State Duma Committee Nikolai Malofeev visited the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU.

The vice president of RAO is not accidental in interest in the pedagogical direction at Kazan Federal University: in the subject area “Education”, according to the Times Higher Education, KFU was among the 100 best universities in the world, taking the 94th line of the rating.

During the study tour at the Institute of Psychology and Education, the guest was shown the center of pedagogical magistracy and the center of pedagogical practices of preschool and primary education IPO, went through the auditoriums for lectures and practical classes, examined the cinema hall, the office of technical teaching aids, evaluated the modern laboratories that are part of the strategic structure academic unit "Teacher of the XXI century."

Getting acquainted with the activities of scientists from the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy of Special Education, IPO KFU Nikolai Nikolaevich recalled the fact that the third school in Russia for deaf children was opened in Kazan in 1886 - before that, similar institutions existed only in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The school did not cease to exist - today it is boarding school No. 6 for deaf children named after E.G. Lastochkina.

The vice president emphasized that in the field of inclusive and special education there is a shortage of personnel. That is why, N. Malofeev noted, while maintaining the tradition of innovation, Kazan University should pay attention to the preparation of teachers for working with children with disabilities.

- Today we see a shortage in professionals working with children, and this deficit is associated not only with the absence of these specialists ... The problem is that there are specialists, but there is a constant need for further training.

N. Malofeev pointed out the need to organize in KFU together with the region continuing education courses for teachers working with children with disabilities.

Communicating during the IPO excursion with students, Nikolai Nikolaevich shared his memory of his choice of profession.

- When I decided to go to the Moscow Institute as a speech therapist, my mother was sincerely wondering why the boy needed such a profession. “Lenin burr - nothing, he made a revolution. Robert Rozhdestvensky stuttered, but he led a television program and read poetry from the rostrum, ”she assured me of the uselessness of this specialty. But it is a speech therapist who is responsible for setting up correct speech, and speech, as you know, is the main component of the communications of all mankind.

He noted that defectology is a complex area where many sections (deaf, tiflo, etc.) are becoming increasingly important in society. And the desire of students of IPO KFU to continue their work in the specialty caused a sincere joy in the guest.

 - As for the future, I repeat one thing: no matter what you undertake, the main thing is to be devoted to your work to the end. It is not necessary to achieve stellar success, but to be honest with yourself in your chosen profession is mandatory. And seeing your desire to learn and work, I’m sure that a defectologist and speech therapist are the profession of the future.