02 December 2019
15th article this year

Article: Nanoarchitectonics meets cell surface engineering: shape recognition of human cells by halloysite-doped silica cell imprints

Journal: Beilstein J. Nanotechnol., September 04, 2019, V. 10, P. 1818-1825.

Authors: Elvira Rozhina, Ilnur Ishmukhametov, Svetlana Batasheva, Farida Akhatova, Rawil Fakhrullin

Cell surface engineering, as an offshoot of nanoarchitectonics, is a powerful tool for modifying and improving the properties of living cells. Eukaryotic cells can serve as templates for the manufacture of inorganic imprints. The authors developed a simple method for recognizing the shape of human cells using their imprints on the base of inorganic materials doped with halloysite nanotubes. The authors believe that this methodology is promising for biomedical and clinical research.