19 November 2019
Published a new book

Book "Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for Diagnostic, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage" Elsivier Publishing House, edited by Dr. Rawil F. Fakhrullin (KFU, Republic of Tatarstan) and Professor Giuseppe Lazzara (University of Palermo, Italy) is devoted to the use of nanotechnology for the preservation, protection and restoration of works of art. It is shown how nanomaterials can be used for restoration, cleaning and preservation. The book is intended for scientists, restorers who preserve art and historical artifacts, and those who want to learn how nanotechnology can increase the effectiveness of methods for preserving and protecting cultural heritage.

Doctor of Biological Sciences Rawil Fakhrullin and Ph.D. Svetlana Batasheva became the authors of the first chapter "Advanced Microscopy Techniques for Nanoscale Diagnostic of Cultural Heritage: Scanning Electron Microscopy for Investigation of Medieval Coins and Frescos From the Republic of Tatarstan". This chapter describes the main microscopy methods used to study objects of cultural heritage, indicates the scope of their application, and demonstrates the use of different types of microscopy to study a number of artifacts of the Volga region: medieval silver coins found in the Middle Volga and the base of the fresco (gesso) and a layer of paint of a unique painting of the 16th century, miraculously preserved in the Assumption Cathedral in Sviyazhsk in the Republic of Tatarstan.