28 October 2019
12th article in this year

Article: Kaolin alleviates the toxicity of graphene oxide for mammalian cells

Magazine: MedChemComm, 10 June 2019, V. 10, P. 1457-1464

Authors: Elvira Rozhina, Svetlana Batasheva, Läysän Nigamatzyanova, Farida S Akhatova, Marina O Gomzikova, Marina Kryuchkova, Anna A Danilushkina, Yuliya Cherednichenko, Rawil F Fakhrullin

Graphene oxide is known to be cytotoxic for a number of cell lines. In this regard, methods and agents that reduce the toxicity of graphene oxide can increase the possibility of its practical application. The colorimetric test, flow cytometry methods and cell index analysis were used in our work to assess the effect of separate and combined use of graphene oxide and kaolin on mammalian cells.