02 September 2019
Elabuga Institute of KFU celebrated The Knowledge Day

University Square today has become a center of attraction for freshmen, activists of faculties and teachers of the Elabuga Institute of KFU

The solemn line devoted to the Day of Knowledge began with the anthem of the students of the Gaudeamus. Together with yesterday's schoolchildren, their parents and relatives attended the celebration, in the eyes of which pride was read for their children, now students of Kazan Federal University. After all, each of them takes the first steps into a new and important stage in his life. Director of the Elabuga Institute of KFU Elena Merzon warmly greeted the audience: “With the beginning of the new school year! With great pleasure I convey the words of congratulations and greetings from our rector, Professor Ilshat Gafurov to all faculty, staff and all students. Dear freshmen! Of course, you have become students of one of the best universities in the country and the world, students of Kazan Federal University. This year, our large university marks 215 years and we will become participants in the anniversary events of our university. We, the staff of the Elabuga Institute of KFU, welcome you here. I am very pleased that the university accepted about a thousand people from different parts of our country and abroad. I urge you to enjoy student life, I invite you to our building to immerse yourself not only in the history of the university, but also in science, social life! ”

The first student document - a student card from the hands of Elena Efimovna received first-year students who received the highest scores of the exam. They were Victoria Akimova (Faculty of Engineering and Technology), Elena Krechetova (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Alia Sitdikova (Faculty of Philology and History), Gabdelfat Nasibullin (Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy), Yana Vybornova (Faculty of Foreign Languages), Dinar Sadriev ( Faculty of Law) and Lyudmila Egorova (Faculty of Economics and Management).

By a long and good tradition, today the solemn transfer of the flag of the institute to first-year students from the hands of older students took place. This year, Rasim Khabibullin, a law student, and Yana Vybornova, a first-year student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, were awarded this honor. This traditional ritual symbolizes the sincere desire of the older generation to transfer their knowledge and wisdom to the younger.

However, the surprises did not end there. For first-year students, university students together with the director Elena Merzon performed a rap presentation of the institute, in which they talked about the areas of training, the benefits of studying in alma mater and activist movements.

And in order to finally become part of a large student family, freshmen took the oath of students under the guidance of Anatoly Razzhivin, professor of the Department of Russian Language and Literature, promising to study hard and respect the university.

The official part of the first student's day ended with a visit to classrooms, a closer acquaintance with teachers, deans of faculties and undergraduates who would become “guides” for students in the world of students.

Note, the festive program dedicated to the Day of Knowledge continued in the evening. On the university square for the students, teachers and employees of the university performed the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Volga-Volga".