01 August 2017
Visit of Kukmin University delegation to the Higher Institute of ITIS

On July 31st, a delegation from the University of Kukmin (the Republic of Korea) arrived at Kazan Federal University to discuss mutual cooperation. The Rector of the Kazan Federal University Ilshat Gafurov and President of the Kukmin University Mr. Yu Chi Su  attended the event, where it was noted that "possibility of assistance of the academic community, as a reliable instrument of rapprochement between entrepreneurs of the two countries is feasible”.

The next day, August 1st, the delegation from Kukmin University visited the the Higher Institute of ITIS to learn more about the research activities of the laboratories. Firstly, they were invited for a meeting with the Head of the Higher Institute of ITIS Ayrat Khasyanov, the heads of the laboratories: Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems (LIRS) led by professor Evgeni Magid, the machine cognition Lab led by professor Maxim Talanov, intelligent transport systems Lab led by Ruslan Gaysin, socially oriented computer technologies for the urban environment Lab led by Professor Salvatore Distefano. They discussed the fields of their interests including robotics, artificial intelligence, people's mobility and security, Internet of things, cloud technologies and opportunities for cooperation.

LIRS demonstrated  capabilities of the robot "Servosila “Engineer” to professors from the Kukmin University, also they talked about current projects and research

Source of information: Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems