17 July 2019
Welcome to the "School of Change"!

On August 5-7, Elabuga Institute of KFU will open the doors for the 10th International Festival of School Teachers

In June, the school lives with exams, preparation for graduation balls, summer camps ... Teachers dream only about rest. They want to forget about small salaries and a large load, forget about reporting and numerous formalities, have a good sleep and not to worry about the pupils’ laziness, the administrative pressing and pupils’ parents’ indifference. They believe that July will release them from all the troubles of the profession of the teacher. When August comes, it will be time to reboot.

By the beginning of the school year, school corridors and classrooms are updated, and teachers also need to be ‘updated’. It is more accessible than it seems. Today, every teacher has the opportunity to come to the first of September with fresh creative ideas, and what is most important – with the amount of energy necessary for their implementation.

Where can they get it all? – At the International School Teachers Festival. It is organized annually in August by Kazan Federal University at Elabuga Institute. This year the pedagogical forum will be held from August 5 to August 7, it will be the 10th jubilee festival. More than 5 thousand Russian teachers have become participants of the past nine festivals. Workshops, seminars and trainings for them were conducted by leaders of domestic and foreign education: laureates and winners of the All-Russian competition “Teacher of the Year”, prominent scientists, innovative teachers, theorists and practitioners from 27 countries of the world.

In less than a month, eminent teachers, honored guests of the festival, and its "veterans" - participants who come here 6-7-8 times, will come to Elabuga again. Of course, the Festival is waiting for newcomers – those who are confident in their vocation, and those who are tired of the routine, doubt the correctness of the chosen path. Welcome! Communicating with like-minded people will help everyone to believe in their own strength. It is easier to find a way out and find a solution to the most difficult problems together. Round tables, acquaintance with new technologies, discussion of various training formats, and trainings on personal growth – all this can be found at the festival. The program of three busy days includes more than 100 workshops to choose from, several discussion platforms, a plenary session, and public lectures on the most exciting topics. For ‘dessert’, the participants and guests will have the traditional festival "goodies" – a jazz concert and theatrical performance, seminars with doctors and psychologists in the framework of the project "Healthy Teacher", morning exercises and city tours, creative and professional competitions with prizes given to the winners.

The theme of the 10th International School Teachers Festival is “School of Changes”. Both the theme and the program of each festival are formed on the basis of the requests and preferences of the teachers. Analyzing and summarizing them, the organizing committee is looking for interesting moderators, selects techniques that are numerous in the world, focusing on the most relevant, interesting and useful. This year, master classes will be held by leading experts in the field of education and upbringing in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, India, Turkey, the former Soviet republics. Inviting foreign guests to the Festival would be impossible without the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Learn more about participation on the site fest.kpfu.ru. It's not too late to join.