18 July 2019
KFU has received many thank-you letters from the participants of IFTE 2019


This year 140 Russian and 60 international universities from more than 30 countries took part in the International Forum on Teacher Education organised by Institute of Psychology and Education.

Academics from Texas, Bulgaria, Ireland, Poland expressed gratitude to the forum’ organisers and pointed out their hospitality.

President of Educational Studies Association of Ireland and Assistant Professor in University College Dublin, Conor Galvin, commented that “KFU is becoming a centre of excellence in education”.

Colleagues from El Paso, Texas, mentioned professionalism, the quality of the organisation, and the intensive and interesting programme.

A dean of the School of Education and Psychology from University of Bialystok sent an appreciation letter to KFU staying that the conference was very well organised and they hope to continue to strengthen the partnership.