15 July 2019
Educational camp "DigitalLeto" started in Elabuga Institute of KFU

Two thematic shifts of the “Digital Summer” educational camp were solemnly opened at the university.

More than 300 children will receive knowledge in the field of digital technologies, discrete mathematics and computer science. All of them are participants of the unique project of Elabuga Institute of KFU. The “DigitalLeto” project passed a competitive selection and became one of the winners for a grant under the Federal program “Personnel for the Digital Economy”. During the summer, three thematic sessions will be organized in Elabuga Institute: "The territory of digital security", "Digital Russia and the profession of the future" and "Sciencemix". To implement the idea, more than 11 million rubles were received from the Federal budget.

Schoolchildren learn much about digital technologies; they create digital models of objects of the world, interactive digital resources and sites through exciting activities. Teenagers will be able to solve non-standard integrated tasks, create digital products and material objects based on digital technologies using a laser engraving machine. It is no doubt that these skills will help the children to choose a profession.

Thus, Elabuga Institute of KFU united children, students and teachers. For schoolchildren classes in the camp are a great opportunity to get new knowledge, for university students it is, above all, experience as they have their teaching practice in the educational camp.

It is noteworthy that the thematic shifts “The territory of digital security” and “Digital Russia and the profession of the future” will last until July 21. In August, the educational camp "DigitalLeto" will wait for new participants of the third shift, "Sciencemix".

Source of information: Irina Sushilova, press-centre of Elabuga Institute of KFU