12 July 2019
8th article in this year. ACS Applied Nano Materials

The title of the article: Pickering Emulsion Gels Based on Halloysite Nanotubes and Ionic Biopolymers: Properties and Cleaning Action on Marble Surface

Journal title: ACS Applied Nano Materials, 3 May 2019, V. 2(5), P. 3169-3176

Authors: Giuseppe Cavallaro, Stefana Milioto, Läysän Nigamatzyanova, Farida Akhatova, Rawil Fakhrullin, Giuseppe Lazzara

A new methodology for the preparation of eco-compatible Pickering emulsions based on the natural halloysite mineral and ionic biopolymers (chitosan and pectin) has been developed. The effect of pectin and chitosan on Pickering emulsion was investigated by direct visualization of oil droplets and thermodynamic characteristics at the interface.