05 June 2019
The scientist from Portugal about teacher education' changes

An associate professor from the University of Minho, Portugal and President of International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT) – Maria Flores was one of the key speakers on the last day of IFTE 2019.

Her presentation was dedicated to the changes in Portugal’ teacher training initiated by the Bologna process. She pointed out that schools’ placements and educational research are under the influence of globalisation. This means that students need to develop and present multiple teaching projects at schools.

Furthermore, Maria Flores indicated the benefits and drawbacks of the current pedagogical system. The former includes the distinction between teaching and research aims and the variety of research methods. The latter involves the system of mentorship and the integration of theory into practice. However, student teachers acquire five essential skills in the new teacher education system such as proficient knowledge, classroom management, didactic skills, advanced school placement, and cultural and ethical norms.