04 June 2019
At KFU completed the work of the International Forum on Teacher Education IFTE

The V International Forum on Teacher Education “Development of Teacher's Professional Competencies: Main Problems and Values” has ended at the Kazan Federal University.

For the fifth year in a row, the Institute of Psychology and Education at the KFU at the highest level has organized a traditional forum for representatives of the education sector from around the world.

This year representatives of the universities of Oxford, Dublin and others took the floor at the forum. In total, the forum was attended by scientists from 140 Russian and 60 foreign universities from more than 30 countries.

The significance of the International Forum on Pedagogical Education was quite capaciously revealed by the rector of KFU Ilshat Gafurov, stressing that in an environment where teacher’s professionalism is an extraordinarily important issue for educational systems in almost all countries of the world: “Our forum is primarily a science platform where we can to study advanced domestic and international experience, to present our own models of pedagogical education, which we have been successfully developing at KFU since 2011 ”.

Attention to pedagogy, the allocation of this field of knowledge as a priority direction for the development of KFU, decent funding and proper goal-setting led the Institute of Psychology and Education to world leaders.

The importance of the International Forum on Teacher Education was also noted at the state level: the Forum was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Academy of Education and the international associations of pedagogical education research.

The forum, despite its young age, was widely known in professional circles. If in 2015, it was attended by 165 colleagues from Russia and other countries, in 2017 - 400 scientists from 26 Russian and 38 foreign universities, in 2019 - over 600 Russian and foreign scientists discussed topical issues of preparing a future teacher for pedagogical activities in multicultural educational space.

In 2019, the International Education Forum became a platform for holding events of various levels and scale: plenary and breakout sessions, round tables, seminars, master classes, panel discussions, etc. The heads of sections and moderators on the forums were well-known Russian and foreign experts, eminent teachers, representatives of metropolitan and regional educational institutions.

During the three days of the Forum, 67 key reports were presented from leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of teacher education; also held 13 symposia, more than 100 sections, 2 round tables, 4 international conferences, 2 master classes.

As part of the forum, four major international scientific and practical conferences took place: “Continuous Teacher Education: New Concepts and Technologies”, “Young Teacher: Adaptation and Professional Development”, “Research-Oriented Teacher Education”, “Ideas of Janusz Korczak in Preparing the Future Teacher ". Their topics included consideration of all aspects of a teacher’s work: from education to digital technologies and the integration of education into state development programs of various countries.

During the Forum, the most pressing problems were put on the agenda, and, not least, the scientific community showed cohesion in the quest to find solutions to them, and also showed adherence to the basic values ​​of humanity in the search for answers to the most important issues facing the world system. education.

The forum included a number of other significant scientific events.

Thus, a discussion took place in KFU with the participation of academicians of the Russian Academy of Education, whose theme was changes in textbooks and curricula, support for rural schools and the motivation to stay in the profession for young teachers.

Maria Teresa Tatto, Professor, Department of Education and Innovation at the University of Arizona, Ian Menter, Professor of Oxford at the University of Oxford, and Roza Valeyeva, Deputy Director for International Activities at the KFU IPO, presented an international monograph to the participants of the International Forum on Teacher Education: Cross-National Study, which they sponsored.

The Forum also included a seminar for young teachers in the TeachMeet format, an informal meeting of young teachers in Kazan, and a presentation of professional development projects for teachers at the Bala'i International School.

In the showroom of the Higher School of Journalism and Media Communications of KFU, an international discussion about the practice of adaptation of migrant children began.

The performance “Vivat, KFU!” Of the children's theater of the Institute of Psychology and Education “Rainbow” was seen by guests of the International Forum: members of the Janusz Korczak International Association, headed by the President of the International Society, famous Polish scientist Marek Michalek, as well as Russian scientists and teachers.

The Forum also hosted the International Order of Smile award ceremony and held a meeting with coordinators and graduates of the Global Education program.

- Each of our forums is designed not only to identify and propose solutions to topical pedagogical problems, but is also to a certain extent a tool for analyzing resolutions adopted at annual pedagogical forums: the results of the previous one necessarily fall within the scope of attention of each subsequent forum, which allows us to assess how much correctly chosen directions of development of modern pedagogy.

For guests from abroad, our annual forum on pedagogical education is an important source of information about the main trends in pedagogical education in Russia, an opportunity to talk about our problems and plans, the prospect of establishing strong ties with our Russian colleagues, ”said Aydar Kalimullin, director of the Institute of Psychology and Education at KFU.