08 April 2019
Digital Education Section of the Final scientific and educational conference of students of KFU was held at Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication

In April 5, 2019 Digital Education Section of the Final scientific and educational conference of students of KFU was held. Issues of the reports were relevant and broad.

Presentations were made on the impact of the development of critical thinking on the formation of the information competence of the student, the use of mobile technologies (for studying mathematics and computer science at school and university), the use of augmented reality in the educational process, the use of the free, cross-platform dynamic mathematical program GeoGebra, including in itself geometry, algebra, tables, graphs, statistics and arithmetic, in teaching mathematics in secondary school.

Also in their speeches, students presented studies that addressed issues of school courses in math, computer science and ICT: equations in integers and methods for solving them; figurate numbers and their properties; what programming language should be learned in school in order to lay the foundations for the participation of schoolchildren in large projects and future professional education in the field of programming.

The final of the 2nd creative competition of book trailers on the works of Leo Tolstoy was held as a part of Digital Education Section, too. After the correspondence tour, 7 works were presented in the finals: “Anna Karenina”, “War and Peace”, “The Prisoner of the Caucasus”, as well as 3 author films: “The Light of a Sleeping Person”, “Living Corse” and “Let Them Talk.  After the ball". The final of the competition was attended by students from groups: 10.1-801, 10.1-802, 10.1-804, 10.1-805, 10.1-807, 10.1-809, 10.1-810, 10.2-802, 10.2-821. The students presented in their works the author's understanding of the works of the great Russian writer, expressed in the scenario of book trailers and author films, the lyrics of the dubbing and the music accompanying them.

First degree diplomas were awarded to:

1) a group of authors from gr.10.1-802 (dir. Krasnova V.) for the author's film "The Light of a Asleep Personality";

2) Mingazova A., Gizatullina A., Muravyeva E., Minnakhmetov T., Naumov A. (gr. 10.1-807) for “The Prisoner of the Caucasus” book trailer.

Second degree diplomas were awarded to:

1) Timerbaeva L., Kurbanova D., Mirsaeva A. (gr. 10.1-805) for the “Anna Karenina” book trailer;

2) a group of authors from gr.10.1-801 (dir. Mulloeva K.) for the “Anna Karenina” book trailer;

3) Ibragimova A., Iskhakova A., Minazieva I., Shaimitova L., Gizatullina I., Darzemanova G., Yagfarova Ya., Sadykova A. ( gr. 10.2-821) for the author's film "Living Corse".

Third degree diplomas were awarded to:

1) Apaicheva E., Galochkina M. (gr. 10.1-810) for “The Caucasian Prisoner” book trailer;

2) Ramazanova M., Gumerova A., Aliyeva M., Sitdikova A. (Gr. 10.1-809) for the “Anna Karenina” book trailer.

Certificates marked:

1) Zagidullina R., Gimadieva I., Gimadieva R., Fatykhova A., Khanafieva A., Faskhieva E. (gr. 10.2-802) for the "War and Peace" book trailer;

2) a group of authors from gr. 10.1-804б (dir. Kazarinova Y.) for the author's film “Let them speak. After the ball".

Source of information: M.A. Lukoyanova, N.I. Batrova, A.V. Danilov