04 April 2019
Master-teachers created a 3-d model of the Institute of Psychology and Education

The Institute of Psychology and Education has created   The “Virtual IPO Tour” section is a project that allows you to walk along the main routes of our institute without leaving your home.  

The developer of the virtual tour of the Institute, Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy of the Higher School of IPO KFU Ekaterina Krivonozhkina I am sure that the excursion will allow everyone   familiarize yourself with the IPO infrastructure. In addition, the work was carried out in accordance with the national project “Education” signed by the President of the Russian Federation , according to which “in order to ensure the creation of a modern digital educational environment, it is planned to use modern technologies in the implementation of basic educational programs, including virtual and augmented reality technologies”


The excursion was created on the platform of EDCOM company , which develops information technologies and integrates them into the system of training and remote communication, is a Russian partner of the companies SMART Tech , HP, Panasonic , Apple , Epson , Cisco , Lego Education

Great help in creating content based on   for the mobile class of virtual reality had undergraduates of group 17.2-822 of the Institute of Psychology and Education.

- EDCOM company provided our undergraduates with a hardware and software system - the mobile virtual reality class EDUTEKA360, which allowed future teachers of additional education who do not have programming skills to independently prepare content for VR , -   Ekaterina Gennadievna explained. - As part of a group design work, the guys with the 3D 360 camera shot objects in 3D format, after which they combined them into a logical construct in a special program .

Having supplemented the footage with graphic, textual and video information , they received a finished product: a virtual tour of the campus of the Institute of Psychology and Education, as well as the N.I. Lobachevsky Museum , the historical, ethnographic, zoological and geological museums of the KFU.

The participants of the virtual tour visit the center of pedagogical magistracy and   Center for pedagogical practices of pre-school and primary education IPO, can walk through the classrooms for lecture   and practical classes, inspected the cinema hall, the study of technical means of education, put experiments in the modern school classrooms of physics and chemistry.

Now it is not necessary for students or applicants to travel from one building to another to get acquainted with the amazing range of opportunities at the KFU training and laboratory sites, as well as with the uniqueness and magnificence of exhibits at university museums. It is enough to put on a helmet with glasses and “wander” in virtual reality. The effect of presence is guaranteed!


- The experience of such work is very important. First, teachers were able to visually see that modern technologies even allow “clean humanities” to keep up with representatives of the world of computer science and mathematics. Secondly, working with a virtual environment expands the boundaries of school education. For example, in history lessons you can “go” on an archaeological expedition or to objects of cultural and natural heritage (this is especially important in preparation for the state final certification - EGE and OGE), on biology you can “touch” the world of flora and fauna, on geography appear in the mountains or on the coast, depending on the objectives of the lesson. Thirdly, to prepare a virtual environment for educational tasks can be done by both the ordinary teacher and the students themselves,   - summarized E. Krivonozhkina .


Source of information: Галина Хасанова