02 April 2019
Expert KFU: "Autism can not be cured, but you can learn to live with it"

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Statistics says about   that autism is spreading rapidly: more than 1% of the world's children has autism, the disorder is still poorly understood, diagnosis in many countries is not developed, but scientists say the considerable spread of AI ay-Semitism around the globe.

At present, the attention of the Russian society is drawn to the ever-increasing need for research in the areas of diagnosis and maintenance of autism spectrum disorders, the society is being introduced to the most relevant research in the context of global trends.

- According to statistics, more than 10 million people suffer from autism in the world . Every year they are 11–17% more. The number of people suffering from developmental disabilities is growing rapidly. As statistics show   Autism in the world for 2016, patients became 10 times more than it was ten years ago. According to the forecasts of scientists, in 2020 every 30th inhabitant of the planet will suffer from this disorder. According to the research , more than 300 children with autism spectrum disorders live in Kazan now , ”said the head of the department of defectology and clinical psychology at the Institute of Psychology and Education at KFU   Anna Akhmetzyanova .

So many children in Kazan and “turned off” from the system of full-fledged education. After all, autism is a congenital violation of mental development. They can not get sick and can not be cured. The cause of autism is genetic failure. People with autism have excessive neural connections between parts of the brain. As a result, their brain is overloaded and unable to cope with the flow of information.

Autism mainly affects children, regardless of gender, race or socio-economic status. Autism is primarily characterized by unique features in terms of social interaction, difficulties in everyday communication and non-standard way of processing information from the senses.


The development and implementation of an adapted basic educational program for preschool education of children with autism spectrum disorder is carried out by scientists from the Institute of Psychology and Education. This project KPU IPO received the status of the Federal Innovation Site.

The main idea of ​​the KFU project is to create and test a model of learning and socialization of preschoolers with autism.

KFU scientists are already working to create a single resource base of modern technologies and methods for diagnostics and correction, a model of integrated support for children with autism spectrum disorder in a consortium of educational and scientific organizations.

The focus of attention of scientists KFU - preschool age.   Despite the recognized role of prediction in positive socialization,   There are no systematic ideas about forecasting in the context of a significant preschooler relationship with disabilities.

“We are assessing the quality of activities of organizations involved in the education of special children, the conditions for the development of social adaptation potential and the difficulties of the process of socialization of preschoolers,” explained Anna Akhmetzyanova .

The bases for the study and sampling of respondents were preschool educational organizations in Kazan, where there are groups for preschool children with ASD: kindergartens No. 63, No. 149, No. 165.

A team of researchers led by Anna Ivanovna is developing diagnostic tools for early identification in particular children of the difficulties of socialization and prediction of how successful their integration will be   into society.

The created and tested model of training and socialization of preschool children with autism spectrum disorder will be applied in the KFU kindergarten. It will be one of the centers that will generate best practices in the country for working with preschool children who have an autism spectrum disorder . It is here that teachers, psychologists and doctors will deal with the socialization of children and the development of their speech.

But these are still plans for the future.   Already, undergraduates of the Department of Defectology and Clinical Psychology at the IPO KFU are working as tutors for children with autism in five Kazan schools with inclusive education.

“Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder have serious difficulties in adapting. They cannot be in a society without an accompanying person. Primary school teachers in which they enroll are not able to perform this function because they do not have the skills to work with special children. Defectologists should do this. In ordinary schools they are not. They are only corrective . Therefore, resource classes and introduced rate tutors "were organized - added Anna Akhmetzyanova.

Master IPO Adel Nafieva spent a year as a tutor for a child with an autism spectrum disorder in the resource class.   Resource classes are equipped with play zones, special soft modules, so that a child with autism can throw out his aggression and anxiety and more or less feel good at school. The duties of the tutor include accompanying the child and helping him during his time at school.

- Yes, now such classes exist in ordinary schools, where children with disabilities have opportunity to learn with ordinary children. These children are like butterflies, which cannot be caught and weaved, but can only be watched, contemplated and held out a hand of Help, Acceptance and Friendship.

Adelya shot a video about children with autism spectrum disorder . The text to the video was written by Adela, as some attempt to understand the inner conversation of the boy, whose lips are "closed" ...

Source of information: Галина Хасанова