04 February 2019
A new approach to mentorship

Scientists of KFU designed and adapted the programme of mentorship aimed for companies.

My programme helps mentors at organizations to build psychological, pedagogical and coaching skills for better communication with interns.  (Alfiya Masalimova, an associate professor in Primary Education Department)

An oil company “Tatneft” has been successfully using this programme for several years.

However, researchers from KFU emphasize the importance of this mentorship programme in the higher education field.

According to statistics, 30% of teachers quit their job after the first year of work experience. One of the reasons is the same level of responsibility applicable to young teachers as their experienced colleagues.

This programme was implemented in KFU since 2015. It involves the interdisciplinary and supplemental approach towards mentorship. For instance, an intern-teacher of foreign languages needs a piece of advice about information technology and therefore, he/she contacts an academic who teaches IT.

This interdisciplinary approach encourages the professional growth of both mentors and interns.

In our global world it is essential to work in interdisciplinary teams and even more, this type of teams increases the competitive advantage of projects.