30 January 2019
KFU established a partnership with a children' television channel in the Tatar language 'Shayan TV'

A television channel “Shayan TV” was organized in November 2018 in order to cultivate the communication in the “good” Tatar language. The channel has cartoons, quizzes, popular science programmes, documentaries and other TV programmes in the Tatar language.

Anvar Khuziakhmetov, head of the Teaching Methodologies department of the Institute of Psychology and Education, is planning to launch a series of television programmes as a result of the partnership with “Shayan TV”. Researchers, PhD students, and master students of the Institute of Psychology and Education also take part in developing these programmes. 

For example, there is a “Fairytales in the evening” (Кичке әкиятләр) programme that aimed to introduce the best fairytales from around the world in order to help children to distinguish between good and evil actions.  Also, there is an intellectual game “Akyl battle” (Акыл батл) for children between 7-11 years old, “Җырлы SELFIE” that promotes the Tatar songs using some gadgets and many more television programmes.