21 January 2019
Hydrometeorology and Ecology: Scientific and Educational Achievements and Development Prospects

From December 19 to December 20, 2018, the All-Russian Conference "Hydrometeorology and Ecology: Scientific and Educational Achievements and Prospects for Development" took place in St. Petersburg. It is timed to the 70th anniversary of the Honored Scientist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Lev Nikolaevich Karlin, a scientist and teacher who has made a huge contribution to the development of science and the education system in the field of hydrometeorology, ecology and other related Earth sciences.

Our employees made presentations on the following topics:

“The symbiosis of free-living nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans with Alcanivorax borkumensis oil destructive bacteria in the host-microflora system”, which is aimed at development of effective methods for microbial bioremediation of the consequences of environmental disasters caused by oil spills, which is one of the most pressing scientific problems worldwide

"The use of nano-modified bacteria A. borkumenis in the bioremediation of oil pollution of the sea surface", aimed at creating an effective and environmentally safe tool for the disposal of oil pollution.