21 January 2019
On the basis of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication named after Lev Tolstoy of the Kazan Federal University free Tatar language courses have finished.

For three months - from September 17 to December 14 - twice a week, during the two-hour classes, the students pulled their knowledge of the Tatar language. Our employees Akhatova Farida, Batasheva Svetlana and Nigamatzyanova Läysän took courses in the Tatar language. Following the results, written and oral examinations were passed, and KFU certificates were received indicating the level of knowledge of the Tatar language.

The lessons of the Tatar language were presented by Galiullina Gulshat Raisovna Ph.D., Professor of the Tatar Linguistics Department of the IPIC KFU, Yusupov Airat Faikovich Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Tatar Linguistics  IPIC KFU , Bulgarova Ramziya Marsovna Ph.D. General and Turkic linguistics of the  IPIC KFU .