13 December 2018
Republic of Kazakhstan greets Russian ambassadors

On December, 10 the opening ceremony of the program “Ambassadors of the Russian language in the world” took place in the secondary general school №5 of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the Kazakh custom, the guests were welcomed in a friendly manner with striking concert pieces, fascinating vocals, and national food: koumiss and baursak. Moreover, all the ambassadors were impressed by the colorful national costumes, the genuine interest of children and their involvement in the proceedings.

Eginbayeva Gulzhan Baltabaevna, a representative of the Turkestan region education department of the Sairam region, gave the welcome speech. She expressed gratitude to the ambassadors, spoke about the cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia, about future projects and plans. Then the representative of the KFU, the head of the department of contrastive linguistics Mingazova Nailya Gabdelkhamitovna, spoke about the importance of this project and the need to establish warm relations between Russia and Kazakhstan. The methodologist of the program, Andreeva Natalya Vladimirovna, the Senior Lecturer at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, informed students about the goals of this expedition and about the details of the planned program. Then the floor was given to the ambassadors of the expedition, who shared their first impressions of Kazakhstan and encouraged students to work fruitfully.

The speech of the ambassadors interested the audience, who had a large number of questions. Children were interested in future events under the program, as well as which countries the ambassadors had already visited with their important mission. The members of the expedition gladly answered the questions raised by the students, spoke about the planned activities and shared their rich experience. Both students and ambassadors had extremely positive impressions about the meeting. Children are ready for an exciting process - learning the Russian language.

Source of information: Rinat Gazizov