01 November 2018
In the framework of the All-Russian Scientific Conference-Competition of Pupils named after Leo Tolstoy, proceedings of the section "Actual Issues of Modern English Linguistics" were held at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication

At the All-Russian Scientific Conference-Competition named after Leo Tolstoy, the section "Actual Issues of Modern English Linguistics", which the students of gymnasiums, lyceums and secondary schools participated in, finished its work. In their presentations, the speakers showed great interest in learning English. They called authentic films, series, favorite songs, books, and also advertising texts as motivating factors. The students conducted a linguistic analysis of the lyrics for their grammatical correspondence with the literary norm, studied the contextual use of phraseological units, and presented an analysis of proper names in synchrony and diachrony. Young researchers actively used the methods of questioning, empirical and linguistic analysis. The greatest interest among listeners and jury members was reports on the development trends of the English language in the context of world globalization, comparative learning of the English and Russian languages, on the influence of subcultures on the formation of the language competence of the younger generation, on creative methods of learning English. Much work was carried out by scientific advisers -  teachers, who were awarded certificates. The winners received diplomas of I, II and III degrees, all participants were awarded certificates.

Source of information: Elena Varlamova