24 October 2018
Ph.D. Konnova Svetlana participated in the 6th International Conference STRANN

Our researcher, Ph.D. Svetlana Konnova took part in the 6th International Conference of STRANN (State-of-the-art Trends of Scientific Research of Artificial and Natural Nanoobjects), which was held from October 17 to 19 in Moscow.
At the conference, Svetlana's work “Magnetic functionalization of bacteria Alcanivorax borkumensis” won the Young Scientists Competition dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the appearance of ZEISS in Russia and was awarded a travel grant (Travel Grant by OPTEC Zeiss Group).

The STRANN Conference (Modern Trends in Scientific Research on Nano-Objects of Artificial and Natural Origin) is an international scientific forum for researchers associated with nano-objects in the fields of physics, new materials and structures, in biotechnology and life sciences, which are provided by modern advanced methods of research. microscopy and analytics (high-resolution and analytical electron and ion microscopy, probe microscopy, combined microscopy-spectroscopy and related methods).

Link to the official conference site: http://www.strann.org