13 June 2018
The secret of success - perseverance in achieving the goal

Modern teachers need to master intensive interactive learning technologies: training, design, business games, debates, case studies, etc. These technologies develop general cultural and professional competencies of the student and form the appropriate skills.

Traditional forms and methods of training are not enough for the formation and development of the professional competencies. It is vital to introduce interactive educational technologies and restructure the whole educational process. Particularly, case study is one of the priority directions of constructive transition to innovative forms of education.

On 7 June, at the scientific-methodical seminar of the department of educational technologies and information systems in philology, the teaching staff could try their hands in solving thematic problems, the so-called case study. This method is designed to motivate individual search for answers, to develop knowledge through immersion into the co-creation of all the participants of the educational activities. The main questions of this technology are: “What do I want to find out?” “What am I trying to find out?”

At the scientific-methodical seminar, the faculty was offered to find answers to the case-study called "Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism." The seminar was effective and informative, everyone soaked up the atmosphere and got hand-on experience in solving ambiguous problems.

Source of information: проф.Фахрутдинова Р.А., доц. Абдрафикова А.Р.