09 April 2018
To participate in TESOL is a great honor!

Two Kazan Federal University faculty members A.R. Abdrafikova and T.S. Pimenova were honored to take part in TESOL - 2018.

T.S. Pimenova: "TESOL is the world's largest Association of foreign language teachers. TESOL conferences have been held worldwide for over 50 years. The annual TESOL convention offers English language teaching professionals and scholars from around the globe the premier opportunity for professional development. Educators and scholars from more than 100 countries exchange ideas and practices, explore a wide range of topics and current trends, expand their professional networks, engage in mentoring on research and other projects, review the latest professional publications and resources, and learn about advocacy efforts in their community and around the world. TESOL publishes two peer-reviewed scientific journals: "TESOL Quarterly" and "TESOL Journal". TESOL International Association has been bringing together educators, researchers, administrators, and students to advance the profession of teaching English to speakers of other languages. With more than 12,000 members representing 156 countries, and more than 100 worldwide affiliates, TESOL has helped support, develop and link English language teaching professionals from around the world as a global teaching community. Joining TESOL opens up a world of possibilities."

A.R. Abdrafikova: "In order to participate in TESOL, you must first become a member of this international Association. The procedure of selection of applications for the participation in the conference is conducted on a competitive basis. Three independent experts evaluate your scientific essay of 500 words. The presented at TESOL 2018 report, entitled "New ways of EFL pre-service teachers' development in Russia", provided a brief analysis of challenges the modern system of Russian education has to meet and new ways of the professional development of EFL pre-service teachers at Kazan Federal University."

Undoubtedly, participating in international conferences contributes to the competitive growth of Kazan Federal University.

Source of information: L.L. Salekhova, T.S. Pimenova, A.R. Abdrafikova