03 March 2018
'Good Parents' Club'

The Yelabuga Institute of KFU presented a new educational project.

The head of the club Tatyana Bochkareva, associate professor of the Department of Economics and Management, told about the reasons for its creation: "Its main goal is to help parents and children to find a common language, to strengthen trust and mutual understanding in the family. We will conduct classes in an interactive form so that participants can receive practical advice and answers to questions that concern them. "

The program of this course will also include educational lectures and individual consultations with experienced teachers.

The project "Good Parents' Club" consists of four so-called modules, each of which, in turn, is divided into four three-hour "lessons". The lessons will be held once a week on Saturdays. One training module is designed for a month of classes.

After completing each module of the project, participants will receive not only useful knowledge, but also official certificates. Anyone can be a student of the "Good Parents' Club": couples having many children, young parents and even families who are planning to have a child.

Source of information: Press Service of the Yelabuga Institute of KFU