16 March 2018
The laboratory staff participated in the International Symposium "Energy and Resources Efficiency and Energy Saving"

  The 19th international specialized exhibition "Energy. Resource-saving" and the 18th International Symposium "Energy and Resource Efficiency and Energy Saving" were held in Kazan from 13 to 15 March.

 The symposium and exhibition agenda included scientific and technical conferences, round tables, expert sections and workshops on the most burning issues related to the energy efficiency and innovative solutions towards energy saving.

 On the first day of the exhibition, the Laboratory staff visited the round table "Ecology and Energy and Resource Efficiency", where the implementation of the "green technologies" in industrial enterprises and in the sphere of Housing and utilities services and green standards in the construction industry were discussed. The following topics were discussed at the round table: "Ecology and engineering (solutions for the environment and its sustainability, waste management), energy efficiency (oil and gas infrastructure), technological solutions and analysis of technical risks associated with industrial enterprises", "The usage of LNG as an ecological fuel. The approach for the implementation of environmental programs","Minimization of TGO landfills in the territories of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Typical projects of the waste sorting plants","Green standards as a tool of energy-efficient construction. Russian experience","Technology of the on-line processing of poultry wastes into organic fertilizers and fodder additives using natural absorbents" and "Complex solutions for environmentally friendly agricultural production". As a result of the round table, it might be concluded that the topics discussed are relevant for many sectors of the economy, and the proposed technologies should find their application in construction, housing services, and agriculture in the Republic of Tatarstan.

 On the second day, issues of the development potential and the limited usage of non-traditional energy in the Republic of Tatarstan were discussed at the conference "Development of alternative energy". The speakers presented the following topics: "Potential for the development of alternative energy in the Republic of Tatarstan", "The potential of wind energy in the Republic of Tatarstan. Prospects for the implementation of the project for the construction of a wind farm on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. Current work on wind monitoring","Barriers to the development of energy efficiency and RES in Russia","Stand-alone mini CHP plants operating on local renewable fuels, "Features of designing, commissioning and operation of renewable power plants in terms of the System Operator" and "Experience in improving energy efficiency and reducing energy intensity in enterprises of the Western Urals". In addition, issues of solar and bioenergy in the republic were discussed.

 The obtained knowledge will essentially be reflected in the future publications and research within the grant “Russian megacities in the context of new social and environmental challenges: building complex interdisciplinary model of an assessment of 'green' cities and strategies for their development in Russia".

Link to the event: http://expokazan.ru/land/expoenergo/