17 January 2018
Robots are for babies: the project of Yelabuga Institute KFU

An expert of the regional innovation site of the university told about what competencies the educational robotics in preschoolers develop.

Plans for creation of the Children's Development Center in the Yelabuga Institute KFU actively are discussed, where children from preschool age and primary school will be able to begin to work with robots. "For two years, the Yelabuga Institute of the KFU has been managing the regional innovation platform" Educational Robotics in Modern Preschool Educational Organizations ", which includes 51 kindergartens in the Nizhnekamsk District. Our work is aimed at improving the professional competencies of educators, the harmonization of child-parent relations, the diversified development of the child in accordance with the FSBS of preschool education, "says Farida Gazizova, the head of the department of theory and methodology of pre-school education.

Since 2016, for the heads of kindergartens, methodologists, educators, training seminars are held on the organization of experimental work, research activities in the field of Lego-designing and robotics, trainings and master classes, open events and methodological competitions.

Source of information: Press Service of the Yelabuga Institute KFU