02 December 2017
The open lecture "Intellectual Integration in Education" has taken place in Elabuga institute of KFU

Students were addressed by professor, the director of the international programs of Institute of assistance to intellectual integrations from Austria.

During the two-day visit to Elabuga institute of KFU, the doctor of psychological sciences, professor Irina Sibgatullina, the meeting with teachers of department of economy and management for discussion of joint scientific and educational projects among which are grants Algarysh and Erasmus has taken place.

During the conversation with undergraduates of higher education institution, Irina Fagimovna has noted that the Institute of assistance to intellectual integrations carries out a multipurpose mission in the field of search, support and maintenance of worldwide intellectual integrations and their realization in training and development of a person throughout whole life.

We will note that the Vienna Institute of assistance to intellectual integrations and Elabuga institute of KFU are connected by the joint scientific and educational projects, among which, for example, an annual August International festival of school teachers. In turn, in November the delegation of Elabuga institute has passed training in Austria on a republican grant Algarysh. The head of design group was the director Elena Merzon. The program has been directed to professional development of teachers in possession of informal methods of integration education.

Irina Sibgatullina's visit has shown to students and teachers current trends of development of the European education, motivated on active use of the international programs for professional growth.

Source of information: Press service of Elabuga institute of KFU