07 November 2017
1st International Conference 'Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics'

65 scholars have gathered to participate in this Lobachevsky Year event on November 7th – 10th.

The conference's main topic is statistics. Among the discussed issues are quantum statistics, fundamental problems of the probability theory, applications of statistical methods, and others.

Vice-Rector Dmitry Tayursky addressed the participants during the opening and wished them productive work.

Director of the Institute of Computational Mathematics and IT Sergey Mosin said, “The conference is not only dedicated to fundamental mathematical problems; it also contains a panel on proposals, which does seem important to us because it attracts business and industry professionals who are interested in new technology. That’s why this conference aims to unite scientists and businesspersons in solving pertinent tasks. Working with Big Data and probabilities is impossible without forecasts; our conference facilitates discussion of new solutions in statistical treatment of data, as well as classic aspects of the probability theory which help work out technology for today’s needs.”

Chair of the Department of Mathematical Statistics Yekaterina Turilova reminded that the conference is also dedicated to Igor Volodin, founder of the department, who celebrated his 80th anniversary earlier this year. She opined that the conference is a bridge between fundamental knowledge and applied methods in data science, machine learning, and other adjacent domains.

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