03 November 2017
English in the Multicultural World

The workshop "English in the Multicultural World" presented papers on a variety of topical issues: issues of translation (newspaper and information texts, the realities of the English language, poetic texts, comics, proper names of the 16th century, false friends of an interpreter), issues of the history of the language (the appearance of surnames), globalization of the English language, the Australian variant of the English language, rules of speech etiquette, barriers in the study of foreign languages, etc.

Some of the works were contrastive studies, based on the comparison of such languages as Russian and English; Russian, English and Spanish; English and Tatar.

Students, representatives of schools of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk region, showed a high performance level, a creative approach in the study. The scientific value of the presented studies lies in their implementation at the intersection of various sciences and disciplines: linguistics and pedagogy, linguistics and psychology, translation and the history of language, linguistics and etiquette.

In the conclusion of the break-out session the teachers, scientific supervisors and participants of the conference were awarded with participation certificates, the best works were awarded with winners’ certificates.

Source of information: Elena Varlamova