03 August 2017
Without emotions, learning does not happen

Julia Koinova-Tselner, Ph.D., Technical University of Dresden, actively collaborates with the teachers of Elabuga Institute of KFU in scientific projects and participates for the third time as a moderator in the International Festival of School Teachers.

Learning without emotions does not happen ... Any knowledge involves forming an attitude to this knowledge, and hence its" usage. "Knowing something, alas, does not automatically mean usage of this knowledge for the benefit of the society. Therefore, I consider it is important not only to master knowledge, but also to learn to express feelings, to apply knowledge for the good not for the harm, which means the work of the head (cognitive), the heart (sensory) and hands (implementation in practice). I am not original in this matter, Pestalozzi wrote about this in the 18th century. In particular, I conduct seminars on the topic "The culture of working on a mistake", that is, I initially proceed from the learning performance situation at a seminar where the student realizes theoretical knowledge, taking into account time, place, personal experience and his own attitude to the knowledge as fixed in the Chinese proverb: "...I do it myself... and understand! ".

Source of information: Mavlida Siraeva, newspaper “UNIvesti”