10 July 2017
Vice-President of the International Association of Sedimentologists visited KFU

The vice-president of the International Association of Sedimentologists, Giovanna Della Porta, visited the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies KFU to study the carbonate reservoirs of the Volga-Ural region. This is the third visit of the scientist from Italy, the first one was held in 2015, when Giovanna presented her report at the “Kazan Golovkinsky Stratigraphic Meeting”, after at the summer school "GeoKazan" in 2016 where she acted as a teacher.

"The first mission is the reconstruction of those paleoconditions of the sea basin that existed in the Carboniferous time in the territory of Tatarstan and in the whole Volga-Ural region. This will allow us to characterize the types of deposits, perform lithofacies analysis, and evaluate the degree of lateral variability of the deposits. This, in turn, makes it possible to predict the zone of development of potential reservoirs in the region and to assess the prospects for finding new reservoirs in general. To understand this, it is necessary to restore the history of formation and transformation of sediments. Giovanna Della Porta will help us; she has a vast experience in the field of studying Carboniferous deposits in various regions of the world, a lot of significant publications in the field of sedimentology and paleoreconstruction of the sedimentation conditions. The second mission is to study the post-sedimentation processes," - Anton Kolchugin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies KFU.

“This collaboration can be useful because we can share knowledge on the Carboniferous carbonate rocks here in Tatarstan. We are going to look at cores, describe thing sections. I have seen many things from somewhere else and maybe this can help to interpret the rocks here. I come from the Italy, did my Ph.D. in the Netherlands, for all four years I flew to Spain, this required my research. After that I was an assistant of the Professor in Germany. After I went to the U.K. to teach at the Cardiff University and then came back to the Italy. I have met different colleagues, studied and worked at different universities in this way I have made my international experience”, - Giovanna shared.

Exploring is carried out within the "Carbonate Reservoirs" project, in which the President of the Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), Adrian Immenhauser, is also involved. Earlier, the delegation of the KFU repeatedly visited the colleagues' laboratories in Italy and Germany, as part of the project. Such a collaboration and experience of interaction with the leading scientists of the world in the field of sedimentology are very useful. Soon, an International sedimentological meeting will be held in Toulouse, where KFU’s scientists will report the scientific results obtained during the implementation of the project.

Also, Giovanna Della Porta met with the director of Center for advanced training, quality management and marketing Ildus Chukmarov for the aim of discussing the formation of a joint program of advanced training “Carbonate reservoirs: genesis, secondary changes and methods of study”.

Source of information: Zinnatullina Leisan