23 May 2017
The moving concert replaced the pass-fail examination

May 22 during the music lessons the first year students of groups 10.2-612 and 10.3-622 of Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication presented a pass-fail work in the form of a concert, over which they worked during the whole academic year. The groups performed musical compositions in different languages in turn. The concert began with the hymn of the students "Gaudeamus", and ended with the joint performance of the Bremen musicians’ song about friends.

The repertoire of the students from China consisted of Russian traditional songs such as "Thin Rowan", "Katyusha", "Lonely accordion", "Ray of the Golden Sun ...", "Song about the Bears". Despite the peculiarities of the Russian language, foreign students coped with the task excellently. The girls studying in the specialty "Interior Design" also successfully demonstrated their vocal abilities. Their performance was memorable because of the originally selected songs "Moon river", "Gagar was flying", "White door". And the performance of the French canon "Ko-ko-da" surprised the audience pleasantly.

It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of the teacher of singing Elvira Rashatovna Zakirova, whose leadership resulted in such a sincere and bright concert. All people present were fully imbued with the atmosphere in the hall: the connection of peoples with music.

Source of information: Anna Sharkaeva, the first year student