14 March 2017
A meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University

The key was the issues of teacher training and professional development of teachers.

In the annual meeting with the University administration, faculty and students participated the Minister of Education and science of RT Engel Fattakhov, Deputy head of the EMR Zulfiya Sungatullina, General Director of transport commercial company "Kama-trucks" Leonid Shteinberg, General Director of YSMR Gulzada Rudenko, heads of departments of education districts.

Welcoming the participants, Director of the Institute Elena Merzon thanked the members of the Board: "For our team the Trustees are those people who take an active part in the development of our University, show interest in our work and contribute to the solution of major issues."

Making the report on results of work and the perspective directions, Elena Efimovna has noted that for the first time last year a set has been carried out to a magistracy. Today 4283 students, including 4177 bachelors study at higher education institution. It is gratifying that the intake of students in 2016, significantly exceeded the number of graduates. However, every year there is a tendency towards the reduction of budget places for full-time department. The share of extrabudgetary training is 36 percent. The University is actively conducting professional orientation work at schools of the Republic.

The Director drew attention to the lack of budget places in educational profiles "Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, chemistry" in the direction of "Pedagogical education", "Psychological and pedagogical education", "Vocational training". This problem has already led to the fact that in 2017 there will be no release of teachers of mathematics, physics, informatics, biology, technology and so schools of the Republic will not be able to up­date the teaching staff. To solve this issue, the Institute has introduced a new profile – "Teacher of technology and computer science". Elena Merzon proposed to consider the possibility of opening of a set of missing profiles in the framework of the Republican program.

From the 1 September there will be a new learning profile "English and Chinese language" (linguistics and translation).

Teachers and students pay great attention to publications in scientific journals and grants for scientific research. Students annually participate in internships in foreign universities and educational centers. In 2016 guys went to China, Germany, Spain, Croatia.

Elena Merzon focused the attention of the Trustees on the projects implemented within the priority directions of the Strategic academic unit "Teacher of the XXI century". Today it is the International festival of school teachers, participation in grant implementation.

“Next year we plan to include in the CAU two directions – preparation of training manuals and the use of small robots of domestic production. The project "Robostart" is being tested now in IT-Lyceum of Kazan. This is a new phase of programming that will let to prepare future engineers, will acquaint the future teachers with the advanced achievements of engineering technology. We are ready to train teachers of the technique lessons with the use of biomorphic and humanoid robots", – said Elena Efimovna".

The second project focused on SAU is a design environment for the development of gifted children in educational organisations. "Today there are a lot of theoretical material, but practice-oriented proven model does not exist yet, – said the Director of the University. – Many schools are trying to work with successful children, students of "risk groups", but under the new Federal education standards, a future teacher must be competent in all areas. Our future teachers will be included in the development of the program." Schools of the Yelabuga district and other municipalities of Tatarstan can become a platform for creation of such a model.

One of the key proposals is the establishment of the Institute's Centre of teacher training, because today the teachers have to go to Kazan or take courses in institutions that do not have sufficient scientific basis, qualified professionals.

First Vice-rector of Kazan Federal University Riyaz Minzaripov, for his part, said: "Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University is a major educational center and really good at his task, working actively, participating in the preparation of the strategic academic units. Glad that Yelabuga is increasing its capacity in the direction of professional development of teachers. The establishment of the Centre, where they could take courses and teachers of the Eastern regions of Tatarstan, is a good idea. I think together with the Ministry of Education and Science of RT we will implement it".

Full-time and remote technologies of training of students of the University were presented by Associate Professor of the Department of mathematics and computer science Victor Shurigin. The teacher demonstrated the methodological possibilities of webinars, online courses, videos of assignments.

On behalf of the students Trustees were welcomed by the third-year student of the faculty of Philology and history Ilya Kaishev. He spoke about the work of the scientific-educational Center for the study of youth cultures in schools of the Republic. Under the leadership of the Associate Professor of philosophy and sociology Albina Garifzyanova students organize lectures and discussions, talking with students about everyday fascism, youth language, Internet culture.

Deputy head of the Yelabuga municipal area Zulfiya Sungatullina expressed interest in the programs of development of gifted children, which can become joint projects of the University and the city.

Director of ESMR Gulzada Rudenko drew the attention of the audience on the knowledge of youth of history of the city. A few years ago in collaboration with the Institute was issued the first textbook for schoolchildren "the History of Elabuga" and now we are preparing to release it. Gulzada Rakipova addressed to the Minister of education with a wish to find a way to translate textbooks in the Tatar language.

Leonid Shteinberg, General Director of transport commercial company "Kama-trucks", sincerely welcomed the success of the University. He promised to continue to support the engineering and technology faculty, to accept students for internship.

After the presentations teachers asked questions to the Trustees. The Associate Professor of psychology Galiya Ldokova raised the issue of professional training of the mediators or "reconciliation service", inviting the Ministry to use the development of the University for organization of courses of improvement of teachers’ qualification in 2017.

Summing up the meeting, the Board Chairperson Engel Fattakhov said: "We are interested in close cooperation with Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University in teacher training. The most advanced logistical and scientific base is concentrated in the teaching universities and we should use it. The University has its own traditions and strengths. With regard to the budget, we continue working in this direction. Without solving this issue, I think, we will not be able to fully rely on improving the quality of education."

Engel Navapovich thanked the Institute for organizing the festival of school teachers, preparing students for the Olympiads, the development of textbooks in Tatar language. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees has promised to assist the development of such important for the Republic directions.

The final point of the meeting was the presentation of honorary diplomas and letters of gratitude of the Ministry of Education and science of RT, Kazan Federal University.

The Trustees spoke with future teachers and toured the buildings of the University.

The Minister of Education met with the fellows – members of a unique national project. Graduates of schools were recommended by their teachers and municipalities to Fund pedagogical staff of the native land. Significant financial assistance should stimulate students to successful study, said Engel Navapovich, because Tatarstan needs high- quality education, which can be given only by properly trained teachers.

Leonid Steinberg told the students of engineering-technological faculty about the work of the trucking companies and internship opportunities. Gulzada Rudenko invited future teachers of history in the Museum complexes of the city, and Zulfiya Sungatullina asked economists to share their proposals for the development of the city in the "Box of ideas". In the hall, students were able to ask questions about national grants, subsidized housing and other forms of support to the Deputy Minister of Education and science of RT Timirhan Alishev.

In the Center of educational robotics the Trustees talked with the students who last year entered the top ten of the international competition World Robot Olympiad, as well as with students who are passionate about designing robots.

In the exhibition hall were presented the invention of teachers, and various mechanisms: electric vehicle, wind generator, driftcar. The Trustees evaluated the training of teachers of technology, and at the end of the intensive program visited a Zoological Museum.

Source of information: Nadezhda Khamidullina, the press - service of the Elabuga Institute of KFU