05 April 2017
Rector Ilshat Gafurov Met with Acting Consul of Iran in Tatarstan Alibeman Eghbali Zarch

The Acting Consul visited for a business lunch on April 4th.

Mr. Zarch assumed office four months ago and toured the facilities before coming to talk with the Rector.

Also present were Vice-Rector Linar Latypov, International Affairs Advisor to the Rector Oleg Pakhomov, and Director of the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies Ramil Khayrutdinov.

KFU has signed 9 agreements and memorandums with Iranian institutions in total. There are currently 55 Iranian nationals enrolled in different programs here. It’s a very small fraction of the 4,200 international students. Rector Gafurov expressed his wish to more actively implement all the points that are mentioned in the Russian-Iranian governmental agreements.

Iranian partners are mostly interested in engineering, petroleum industry, and medicine. KFU has something to offer in all these domains.

Automotive tech is developed at the Naberezhnye Chelny Institute and Innokam Cluster.

KFU together with Shahid Beheshti University, Tarbiat Modares University, and Sharif University of Technology works on bitumen extraction, deposit modelling, and nanocomposite materials for polymer-bitumen organic binders. Moreover, research is ongoing in nanocrystal materials and depressor-dispersal dopants for oil refinement. Much attention is given to environmental technology and express testing of oil and oil products.

Consul Zarch suggested that KFU's medical curricula be accredited in Iran so that Iranian alumni of KFU could smoothly transition to working in their homeland.

As for humanities and Persian language, Dr. Khayrutdinov said that he would be glad to invite Mr. Zarch to give lectures at the Institute.

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