24 March 2017
Modern French and Innovative Teaching Technologies

On March 23, 2017 Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication opened its doors to the participants of the international scientific seminar "Modern French and Innovative Teaching Technologies". The program of a seminar includes a plenary session, section meetings, round tables and master -classes. The seminar gathered teachers of French from urban and rural schools of the Russian Federation, as well as native French teachers. The lectures and moderators were selected among professors of higher educational institutions of Kazan and their foreign colleagues. Among them there were experts in French language and culture Pauline Perez, Natacha Hacquart, and Célie-Anne Ducass.

The popularity of this seminar should be noted as the hall couldn't accommodate all the people who wanted to take part in it. Most popular were round tables where participants discussed modern linguistic research in the field of French and innovative teaching technologies. A new corrective technology “Techno-R” was presented by its developers from the Department of Romance Philology who worked collaboratively with teachers of French who work in College # 9 of Kazan.

The seminar continues its work. On March 24 the master classes on modern teaching technologies will take place.