21 February 2017
Students actively participate in the campaign 'I choose again!'

Today at 9 o'clock a real referendum was started at the university. Young people actively participate in the action, which allows choosing their alma mater.

On a single voting day in the main building of Elabuga Institute and in the building of the Engineering and Technological Faculty, booths and transparent urns were installed to observe the secret voting procedure. In the bulletins there was a question for students to answer: "If you had a choice now, would you go back to Kazan State University?"

I am a graduate of Elabuga Institute myself, says Elena Merzon, the director of the university. - I am very grateful to my teachers for opening the way for me in the field of education. The Institute gave me the opportunity to realize myself not only in scientific, but also in social activities. If I turned out to be in the choice situation, no doubt, I would choose our alma mater again.

The action in the form of a referendum was taken positively, young people actively declare their position.

"I am very pleased that our opinions are important to the university leadership " notes Inzilya Khusnutdinova, a student of the Pedagogic and Psychology faculty . - If I had to choose, I would prefer the Kazan Federal University again.

"In my opinion, this action is very interesting and relevant," says Anna Gizzatullina, an associate professor of the German Philology Department. - Once making a choice, students can confirm it again. We believe that students are happy with the training in our university, since the university management creates all conditions for obtaining highly- qualified education.

To attract attention to the referendum, every break time was with music. In the hall rap and lyrical songs, poems and dances were dedicated to Kazan Federal University, and representatives of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogic conducted teambuilding training. You can monitor the voting from the "elections" during the day in the group of students' trade union committee in social networks online.

Not only local, but also metropolitan observers who arrived from Kazan were involved in the action. The chairman of the students' trade union committee of Oriental Studies and International Relations Institute of KFU the fourth year student Rufat Kiyamov pointed out:

- We came here to observe how the voting is going on. Elabuga accepted us very hospitably. The whole procedure goes according to the rules. As an observer I can say that there are no claims to the organizers and students.

The voting will end at 6 pm, sealed ballots will be sent to Kazan. According to the organizers, this event will serve as an impetus for conducting further research on problematic issues in the field of the educational process and the students’ involvement in the implementation of KFU road map.

Source of information: Nadezhda Khamidullina, Press Service of Yelabuga Institute , KFU