11 February 2017
Nikhao! Tatarstan will start talking Chinese

Each inhabitant of the republic will have soon an opportunity to learn Chinese thoroughly and to become a certified specialist.

The new direction including English and Chinese will open atElabuga Institute of KFU since September 1.

The first the way to perception of the speech and culture of Celestial Empire was laid by school students. In February in the Center of studying of Chinese the cycle of free open lessons was started for them. Lessons are conducted by the native speaker – the associate professor of the Hunan University Li Zhenwen. Under her guidance listeners master writing and oral communication skills in common situations of everyday life. "During our open lessons we will take up four important topics: "Let's get acquainted", "Come to me on a visit" (a lesson about a family), "The Chinese New year", "The Chinese traditional cuisine". It is not the first year of my teaching at the Elabuga institute. Here I like both teachers, andthe whole atmosphere very much ", – Li Zhenwen said.

In the nearest future the geography of open lessons will extend, school students from different regions and cities of the republic will have an opportunity to attend similar classes, and it is planned to begin training in groupsfor adults. The center of studying Chinese,which works in higher education institution since 2013, has to help school and university students to learn more about culture and history of China, to acquaint them with philosophy and achievements of a world civilization. Classes in the institute will become a peculiar bridge of friendship and mutual understanding between China and people of Russia.

Arina Afanasyeva, the schoolgirl of the 10th class of the Elabugaschool No. 6, stated: "I am very glad that we have been presented an opportunity to get acquainted with the Chinese culture and language. Earlierit seemed incredibly difficult, and I have been very surprised when the teacher succeeded to explain a lot of things clearly and easily for understanding. I will surely come here again".

– From the next year the Elabuga institute begins an admission to the new profile "translation and theory of translation" of the linguistics direction where students besides English will study Chinese as the second foreign language, – the dean of faculty of foreign languages AlfiyaSibgatullina notes. – The cycle of lessons is designed to tellabout the process of training in our higher education institution, to acquaint entrants of Tatarstan with the qualified specialist – the teacher. We will show that it is possible to start talking Chinese, and it is possible to learn it easily and interestingly. 

Source of information: Press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU