10 February 2017
Director of Elabuga Institute of KFU got the nomination as 'Woman of the Year'

Elena Merzon is a winner in the nomination as "Woman Leader".

Today eighteen finalists of the zonal stage of the republican contest "Woman of the Year" were on the stage of the City Palace of Culture.

Yelena Merzon, the head of Elabuga Institute of KFU told about her path to leadership and secrets of success:

"No one gave me more than my parents. But the school of such leader, as Ilshat Gafurov, should be specially mentioned. It was one of the brightest moments in my life: education, youth policy, works with veterans, the first social projects, Spassky Fair, the Millennium of Elabuga. Ilshat Rafkatovich brought me up as a modern leader.

When they offered to head the institute, I agreed. Education is a powerful, constantly developing direction. I felt myself aware of educational problems, both school and university thanks to my experience.

There are more than 4 thousand students in our team today. And I am responsible for them. About 200 teachers are my like-minded people. If you put more mental energy into the work, you will get more. I think it’s the formula for success.

The university is a place that our children should know and love. Therefore, we implement many children's projects. Our children are our future. It is part of my mission as a leader. "

Elena Efimovna was supported by the teaching stuffs, the students, the alumni and the former colleagues as well.

Sardor Khairiev says, "I came to Elabuga Institute from Uzbekistan. I met a real friendly student’s family here. We, students, feel truly motherly warmth and care from Elena Efimovna. But there are more than three hundred foreigners in the institute. "

Ivan Melnikov (the director of Starokuklyuk school) says, "I worked with Elena Efimovna when she was the director of gymnasium #4 and the Deputy Head of the Executive Committee on social issues. She is very charming and enterprising. She always aspired to be ahead, showed high organizational skills. Therefore, I think she will win. We wish her success. "

"We are rooting for our leader," Olga Miniakhmetova says, the youngest contestant. She is a 24-year-old graduate of Elabuga Institute and she has made great strides in her career working at the Mendeleev Chemical Plant named after Karpov, she stated in the nomination as "My destiny is My Profession".

The competent jury appreciated Elena Merzon’s achievements and presented her in the nomination as "Woman of the Year".

All the winners of the national competition will be honored in Kazan on 8 March.

Source of information: Nadezhda Khamidullina, the press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU