16 December 2016
Tatar for everybody

Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication (Kazan Federal University) organizes annual free courses of the Tatar language for the general audience in the framework of the State program "Preservation, study and development of the official languages of the Republic of Tatarstan and other languages in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2014-2020" and with the support of the Ministry Cabinet. The courses are very popular. The teachers of the courses are highly qualified specialists in the field of the Tatar language, academic staff of Gabdulla Tukai Higher School of Tatar Studies and Turkology.

Everybody interested in the courses passed the electronic registration during the year at KFU website kpfu.ru/tatkurs.html. This year, the courses began on 26 September and ended on 16 December.

Students were divided into 20 groups according to their level of proficiency. Many students just began learning the Tatar language (A1 level). Students who speak Tatar improved their communication skills on the advanced level (B1, B2).

The classes were held twice a week, and were aimed at practical mastery of the Tatar language in oral and written forms, development of the listeners’ linguistic, speech and socio-cultural competence. The courses were built in a form of communication. The classes were held in a comfortable atmosphere thanks to the students’ positive attitude and the teachers’ skills. People of different professions (doctors, teachers, managers, journalists, engineers), students of different universities (including foreigner) learned to communicate in Tatar in a relaxed form. Each teacher tried to focus the educational process on speech, making it as close as possible to the conditions of natural communication, so students could learn while communicating. Particular attention was given to creating favorable psychological climate in the classroom so that each student could overcome anxiety and demonstrate their communicative achievements.

At the end of the course, the participants passed the level testing which included the main language activities (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and received a certificate of KFU.

Every year we welcome new students and thank them for their desire to learn the language of the great Tukay.

Everybody interested in the courses can register at kpfu.ru/tatkurs.html

Resource: K.S. Fatkhullova, Associate Professor of Department of General Linguistics and Turkology, Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, KFU